The Vein Surgery: I am healtier than before

I believe in the idea that changing a person’s life in a positive way is a magical thing in this world and he proved it to me again. I did not have any doubt before and after the surgery and I was completely sure that he was going to do his best. I am healtier than before and I know that these words are not enough to expree how great he is. I just want to thank you for everything. Please keep changing people lives.

The best vein surgery


 The surgery



He is the most professional and friendly doctor I have ever known


I can not praise Dr Ahmet enough. I recently received variscose vein surgery to both of my legs and I am extremely happy with the result. From day one, I was received with the greatest of consideration, friendliness, compassion and professionalism. This has continued throughout my treatment.

I would like to thank Dr Ahmet and his team. He is the most professional and friendly doctor I have ever known. I had a choice to receive the same treatment in England close to my home but I chose Dr Ahmet due to his experience. I am so thankful that I made this choice. He has his own unique technique and there is no one out there with his expertise. I would recommend Dr Ahmet to anyone who needs any vein treatments.


Ercument Altun



I have suffered pain and swelling in my legs due to venous insufficiency due to varicose veins for twenty years. I underwent two varicose operations as well as different treatments, unfortunatelly I did not get any acceptable results. Spontaneus bleeding and bruises were seen beneath my skin, especially on my ankles, furthermore, pain and swelling increased. Quality of life has dropped significantly. I have reached the best doctor in Cardiovascular Diseases, Professor Dr. Ahmet AKGÜL, in my research through net and media as well. His smiling face and interest gave me hope. I was convinced that I had come to the right place. After my venous surgery, with Akgul's own technique, my leg circulation was relaxed and would be better at the end.
May God Will be pleased with my doctor. I found my health , hoping to find healing among other patients Thanks to Dr. Ahmet AKGÜL and his health team forever.
Best regards 



I was desperate of curing my leg varicosis for years since doctors' claims as "you have no chance for treating these variscose veins". One day, while surfing through the internet, I came across to Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akgul who claims to cure varicose veins with his own operative technique (Akgul's technique). I took an appointment and decided to go to surgery. He is very confident and modest.

Today is my 15th post-operative and I feel great. I AM CURED. I wish the continuation of his success and may God never be missing from us. 

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